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Generic Repository Pattern MVC

The good Architecture is heart of any project. The developer always looking for great architecture that reduces repetitive code and separates the Data Access and Business Logic. So we will be creating our generic repository using ASP.NET MVC and Entity Framework. If you don’t know about Entity Framework please CLICK HERE to get started with Entity Framework. So before getting started with repository pattern firstly we have to understand what is the repository pattern? and Why we want it? [More]

Preventing SQL Injection attack ASP.NET PART I

Security is the most important attribute for any system. Providing secure experience is one of the key principles in the process of gaining customer confidence for a system. Now days, almost all the websites are asking to store user’s personal information in servers to understand the customer and serve better. It’s the responsibility of an organization to confirm that customer’s data is safe and accessed in a secured manner. [More]